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  1. Unfortunately no changes for me with the latest build. Still that f###ing disk overload issue, mentioned in a few posts after v.3 went stable. Maybe a closer attention is needed.
  2. Both (read & write) are disabled, no solution, thanks ! ___________ Well, going back to 2.2.1 ... Thanks guys, but still no luck. Maybe the 3.1 or 3.0.1 will resolve this problem. Btw, if it helps the specs are: W7 x64; I7; 8GB DDR 3; 2TB Raid 0 Good luck to the devs !
  3. Thanks but, it's not the raid. On 2.2.1 top speeds, no overloading. On 3.0 medium speeds due to disk overloaded... Setting that to manual ... nothing happens and the fragmentation level is 1.
  4. This is small, pls. need a dev to do the magic trick for this disk overload issue.... Can't use this version because my speed instantly drops with 2-3 mb when overload triggers. Thanks !
  5. & another error: it is present every time a torrent starts ....
  6. Really, you have disk overload (3.94 MB per every request instead of default 128 KB). Are you sure, that you use uT 3.0 build 25406? If yes, what value do you have in advanced options diskio.cache_stripe? Yes, i know what i am doing
  7. Ok, here it is: version 3.0 version 2.2.1 Thanks !
  8. Unfortunately i can't use 3.0 ... The problem is disk overloaded issue. Now, as i run version 2.2.1 (build 25302) there is not a 1% of disk overloaded. When i install (with or without keeping the user settings from 2.2.1), the latest version ... well my problem begins. So, can a developer point out what exactly is strictly changed in 3.0 that manages my disks (2tb, raid 0, fast disks...), to go crazy and to get overloaded ? Thanks for your attention PS: Again i say, 2.2.1 - no problem; 3.0 - disk overloaded with default settings and with 2.2.1 settings. same sh!t. Thanks !
  9. A small problem: Latest RC (v6), can't access the web.utorrent service from my iphone. The user and password fields can't be edited. Thanks and besides this, the new 3.0 looks and feels so damn nice, awesome work !
  10. Yes, yesterday i was updated the desktop , now i see the same message when updated the laptop. It's a start-up message, because after the 1st run it's gone. So, what's all about ? Thanks !
  11. Updated the latest build and looking into the log window i see this: [2010-12-15 23:40:38] Sent WM_SETTINGCHANGE return = 1 I wonder what's this change about ? Thanks !
  12. Well, i think it's time for RC to become FINAL I'm using this RC and i had no problems. Only issue is that some private trackers won't accept non-final versions of µTorrent. Thanks for another well-done version and good luck with future development.
  13. Works ok on w7 64-bit. Now make it FINAL so trackers put this vers. on the allow list Thanks !
  14. Why on 1.8.3 build 15638 some rss icons display correctly (according to tstatus.bmp) and others no (displaying the default rss icons, ut comes.) ? PS: I use one of the latest tstatus.bmp and on 1.8.2 all icons were ok.