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  1. I'm confused though, has that now been resolved or been made a permanent problem? See quote below: Did you intentionally disabled the Windows cache controls? Yep' date=' it's gone. Not just disabled, but truly gone. Serves no purpose anymore.[/quote']
  2. - found at (that was posted over 2 months ago and not by me, I'm just passing it along)
  3. Any chance of some W7 taskbar integration, even something as simple as being able to right-click and shut down the program?
  4. First, great work, thanks very much, hope this will be of some help. A few things keep popping up in the logger which I'm fairly sure aren't meant to (some of these have been mentioned by others). 1) 'RegKey: Could not delete value 2: uTorrent' 2) loads of 'failed hash checks' 3) 'Banned [ip address and port] until forever' - which appears to cause my download speed to plummet each time. 4) 'Warning: Delete to trash failed for [path of torrent]. Error 0. Deleting permanently.' - seems to happen when I delete a torrent (not every time, just randomly from what I can tell) and this leaves the torrent file in the AppData\Roaming\uTorrent folder which you are unable to delete it as it is being used by µTorrent (however the file(s) associated with the torrent are free to be moved, edited, deleted, etc). You can close µTorrent and then delete the torrent. 5) '[ip address and port] [uTP] (name of torrent): [name of torrent client and some other number in brackets]: Banning peer: too many pex messages. 5 since [same date and time to the second as the error is posted]' - that appeared 3 times in an hour, not sure if that is normal. The other problem I have noticed, which has been mentioned before, is that some torrents will not finish downloading, they will get up to 99.9%, drop back down, and repeat that over and over. What I have found to work is to delete the torrent and redownload it (or just open the one you already downloaded) and it will recheck the file(s) and then usually finish downloading (the odd time it will recheck and verify that 100% has been downloaded and so begin to seed). Oh, and force recheck doesn't work at all.
  5. List of problems: 1) 'selecting'/'deselecting' bug still exists and still as annoying. If you have multiple torrents and try to select one, several or all, they will start to deselect themselves; likewise with files within torrents. 2) If you select a torrent while having enabled the 'playback' heading, while in full screen, the button will have trouble keeping up when moving either scroll bar; and this problem continues when the window is not full screen (for me it tends to be any less than two thirds of the screen's width) and then gets worse by creating some sort of white box/mask over the last few headings which will occasionally flash. 3) Upon clicking 'play' under 'playback' on a video file and trying to use the windows default player, utorrent says, "There was an error finding the associated media player." I'm using MPC-HC with k-lite mega codec pack (all up to date and working). 4) Sometimes when downloading single video files that are not in a folder, when they finish downloading and transfer from the 'incomplete' directory to the 'downloads' directory, an empty folder with the name of the video file (but which should not have existed) is left behind in the 'incomplete' directory. 5) Clicking either 'search' or 'apps' crashes utorrent. Using build 25329 with no apps installed, on Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium x64.
  6. DreadWingKnight, disable, apply, re-enable. How do you check if it's working? Just keep an eye on the cpu&mem usage?
  7. Been using the x64 alpha/beta for a while now and can't ever remember having utorrent stall, freeze, hang, etc. and it only ever crashed with the first build. CPU and memory only ever shoot up during re-checking files. If anyone is having troubles and hasn't already done so, uninstall utorrent including settings (backup torrents if need be) and make a clean install, ensuring that when you reinstall the 64-bit version you leave 'Send detailed info when checking for updates (always anonymous)' selected, otherwise you'll be updated to 32-bit version - hopefully that will be fixed soon. Also enable protocol encryption as this can lead to your speed being slashed (if you have it enabled, disable it, apply settings, then enable it again).
  8. Easy solution: utorrent > options > preferences > expand 'advanced' > disk cache > disable windows caching of disk writes and reads
  9. Note that utorrent.exe is followed by *32 meaning that this is not a 64-bit application but a 32-bit.
  10. I'm also using the x64 version and it keeps wanting to update to the x86 version. I previously had the x86 3.0 alpha installed, but I have since uninstalled it (including the settings) and have scoured windows explorer and regedit to try to remove anything else (which was next to nothing). Then upon making a clean install of the x64 3.0 alpha, it tries to update to the x86 version again. Just in case anyone doubts this to be the case: (sorry, too big to jokes please...) On another note, I have the welcome pane option deselected, but it still appears, and if I then select it, 2 appear.