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  1. Hideous ? That's a bit rude, don't u think.? After all, it's a beta. The focus has to be on functionality at that stage. I'm sure that, once the code is sorted out, you'll get your eye candy. What I'd like to know, though, is where the trackers and their add/remove feature has gone. But one has to admit, it must be coded well, given the file size. Other torrent apps are much bigger and have less features. Some even require a JVM But then again, Java runs everywhere - uTorrent doesn't. (yet) There's uTorrent for OS X, which is essentially BSD, but no version for *Nix - Why ?. Please make my day and port your Aqua code to EFL, QT or GTK. It's not that hard - send me the source and I'll do it for you. @XxP2P25xX There are torrent sites that offer streaming. The old Empornium.us did that. MayItRestInPeace You could watch what you are downloading and then decide if it was actually worth it. The site has to support it. If it doesn't, there's always VLC and Xine. They can play partially downloaded files and just skip missing parts. A feature well known to aMule / eMule users.