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  1. I think this is Windows problem. I sometimes got this problem too, but not only with uTorrent, but some of my tray icon. The actual program starts, but not showing in tray icon. Sometimes uTorrent's tray icon shows, but not for some other programs. That's why I think this is Windows problem, not uTorrent [but maybe Devs can look into that too since I'm not 100% sure]. I usually fix this by logging off and then logging on again.
  2. I'm the one who was reporting the similar problem, but as I mentioned on my previous post, after installing the latest version the problem is gone [for me at least]. I did nothing to the settings before and after updating. Maybe try fresh install? [backup all your settings first of course].
  3. You seem to be missing some key details. I think what GTK66 wanted to say was similar to my problem mentioned at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=592204#p592204' date=' although I haven't got any response yet. I think what he meant was the uT window open up on Windows startup, eventhough it is set to minimize on startup [Windows startup that is']. edit: Anyway, I just installed the latest release, and the problem seems to be fixed . On a sidenote, why can't I click on the legend of the speed graph to disable/enable what to be shown on the graph anymore? Can anyone enlighten me...
  4. Hi, I think this is a very minor problem, but nevertheless here it is: Even though I've set utorrent to start minimized on [Windows] startup, it still show the window on system startup. Also, it always shows up in a restored down window, but the size of the window is larger than a maximized window, i.e., it's like a maximized window but the top edge of the window is out of the monitor. I think it started on RC4 or RC5, I'm not sure because at that time I thought it was only a minor problem, but it got annoying. I'm on RC7 now (build 25400). Anybody else got this problem, or is it just me? Thanks.
  5. Go to Advanced options in preferences and set gui.show_status_icon_in_dl_list to true
  6. After updating to RC4, I can't download from piratebay and Isohunt anymore. EZTV and btchat works fine though. I have no problems downloading up to RC3. The seed/peer count is zero (they have hundreds before), the trackers status are listed either as: offline (timed out), HTTP error 404, Failure: Connection timed out, or connection closed by peer. Also the status icon is red. Is this because RC version of uT is not supported by the trackers? If yes, why didn't I have this problem before from the previous betas and RCs? Or is it just the tpb and isohunt trackers are down at the same time as I use RC4? Thanks. edit: I noticed that eztv's torrent is downloading only by peer exchange, all of their trackers are not connecting too. So maybe the trackers' issue? edit2: It turned out to be my ISP problem, not uT. So disregard the issue above. thx.
  7. Hi Adam, where is this file located? I checked uTorrent folder in Users/username/appdata/local & Users/username/appdata/roaming but I could not find a file called default_skin. None in the Program Files too. Also tried searching the whole computer for that keyword with no result. I'm using build 25327. Thanks.
  8. hi Adam, I still got a minor issue about the health bar. In the latest changelog it has been fixed to green, but mine is still orange. Can you look into that? Thank you.
  9. I concur. After updating to RC3, the health bar is still orange, also in Speed graph, the background color of the legend box is still white.
  10. Hi, with the latest RC2 (25317 I believe), I still get white background for the legend at "Speed" graph. Also in "transfer history", the graph selection is alternating by themself without any input.
  11. Hi Dev team, thanks for bringing back double clicking unfinished files. Now I got another question. After updating to the newest build (25309), I noticed that the Health bar is now orange in color instead of green. Is this intentional or does it mean that I got some connection/peer problems? Also, like SuperEvideo, I can confirm that in the Speed tab, the legend box background is completely white, rendering the text unreadable. Thanks
  12. Hi Adam, thanks for the response. I usually use the double-click on unfinished video files, mainly .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mp4, etc. I use Media Player Classic bundled with K-Lite Codec pack for playback. For the streaming settings: - unchecked the "use default player" box. - select Media Player Classic from the drop down box. - Streaming peer timeout: 10s - Streaming buffer size: 45s [del]I'm still using build 25220 btw[/del]. Hope this helps, thx. edit: updated to build 25274 after writing the comment above.
  13. I totally agree... as I said in my previous comment, please bring back the ability to play unfinished torrent by double-clicking. Please please please.....
  14. Hi, first of all I want to say that overall I am happy with the new utorrent 3.0, and fortunately I don't have any problems mentioned in the forum such as high CPU load, disk cache thingy, crash, upload download speed, etc. I really liked the progress bar combined with the status of the torrent. However, I do have some questions/complaints/suggestions if you don't mind: [del]1. The status icon that is usually on the side of the torrent name/# is missing. I really liked that feature as it allows me to look at the torrent status at a glance. Can we have it back please, or am I missing something in the preferences?[/del] Edit: Found it in Advanced option. 2. I usually use double click in the Files tab to play unfinished video and check the content. Now i can't do it anymore. Double clicking finished files is OK, but not for the unfinished. Am I missing something? I really want this feature back too please. 3. I really really really really liked the idea of downloading the first part of videos and music for the stream feature! However, I have never streamed successfully using the stream button. I use Media Player Classic as the default player. I can play unfinished video OK directly from the folder using MPC, but if I use the stream button to play, MPC opens but doing nothing. If I close it, it still appears on Task Manager and I have to end process from there. This also happens if I stream/play 100% finished video using the stream button. I always thought that the stream button just open and play the finished/unfinished files, but apparently it's not. It's faster to use double clicking as in point No. 2, but again, I can't in this version. 4. Although minor, I also agree with someone here about utorrent changing the order and content of the info column. I have to rearrange and add column all over again. 5. Also agree with someone here about the ability to rearrange the tab position of the Files, logger, info, peers, etc. Also, a folder tree view in the Files tab would be super too. 6. I always clicked the preferences button thinking it is the old preferences button ("Why doesn't it remember my last view?!?!"). Turns out it is the uTorrent remote button. And I found out the preferences button is moved to the far right side. The uTorrent remote button should be the one at the right (being a newbie there.... hehe) and good ol' preferences stays where it was originally. I think we all are accustomed for that button being where it was. Also, isn't it kinda redundant having two buttons that essentially lead to preferences up there? But I'm also thinking that maybe you guys just want users to know this feature so you put it there..... Just maybe. Well I think I'm finished here, sorry for the long post and complaints, but I do hope someone read this and could do something..... I really appreciate your work guys! Thank you.