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  1. Unfortunately this changed nothing. The icon is still being streched from 16x16 to 20x20 instead of using bigger one
  2. There is a bug that i spotted long ago but forgot about it because there were more annoying bugs. Now utorrent works pretty fine for me and I'd like you to check the following: I don't use uTorrent 24/7. I usually find something to download and after it is downloaded I stop the torrent, delete if from the list and close the uTorrent. So when i press File --> Exit it freezes for about 5 seconds and then exits. The strange thing is that it's not always behave like that. Sometimes it exits fine. Maybe uTorrent does some actions after deleting torrent from the list, so it doesn't allow to exit until all actions are completed. Check this please. And one more thing. Windows 7 allows to change the size of system UI elements to provide the best visibility. For example I have a FullHD resolution on only 22-inch screen, so in 100% mode things don't look really good. So I have a 125% size Thats why uTorrent icon doesn't look well in tray, because i have 20x20 icons instead of 16x16 by default and it is streched from 16x16 to 20x20 As you can see the icon on the left looks fine, because it is 20x20 or higher. So it would be great if you add 20x20 icon or change anything else to fix that problem. Thanks a lot
  3. Oh, hell! Updated 32-bit version to 25252 and met that terrible visual bug from 64-bit version there. Please give a link to previous version
  4. Firon Thanks. And add the changelog to the 32-bit thread, cause there is 25234 version too Oh sorry, i didn't see that there is a new 32-bit thread. Fix a link to that thread in the first post. Unfortunately visual bug isn't fixed in 25234 64-bit. It seemed to me that sings got even worse. I hardly managed to turn utorrent off, cause it hanged up the whole system and most screen gone black. Meanwhile 25234 32-bit works fine
  5. AdamK Hello, why don't you fix the changelogs or download link? A lot of people reported about 25230 version instead of 25234. Meanwhile there is 25234 version in 32-bit thread instead of 25207. But there is no reaction from you. If we compare 25230 64-bit and 25234 32-bit, there is no that visual bug in 25234 that was spotted in 25230
  6. It seems that they posted 25233 and 25234 changelogs in the wrong thread. This versions are 32-bit. If you download utorrent from 32-bit thread, you'll get 25234 version, however the latest version posted there is 25207
  7. evocator I have the same problem. Radeon HD4200. So I don't think it depends on video card. Because of this bug, 25230 is almost unusable, so I'm using 25234 x86