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  1. RSS downloads not working since last beta. Reverted to 3.3 stable.
  2. are RSS feeds not working for anyone else on the latest beta? For some reason it doesn't seem to be working for me (and I've been using feeds for at leas a year)
  3. I'm getting "unable to contact uTorrent update server" on the latest version
  4. The final release is freezing whenever I try to recheck a big torrent. Also, if you change priority in some files and close utorrent it won't quit properly and remain on the background, thus having to manually kill it thru process manager (and changes get lost)
  5. Me too. When did this feature become broken? The feature has never worked reliably due to the original implementation (and trust me' date=' I'm very familiar with all the problems). Some work has been put in lately to make it much saner though. It's good to know you guys are using it though, since that'll make tracking down the problem easier.[/quote'] I was using it too and been having similar problems. It's good to know that it was caused by that. Too bad, because it is a great feature to easily tell which files are completed and which not (checking the filelist inside uT is a pain in the ass, sorry)
  6. You can also enable the "status" column, which is much nicer than those icons
  7. Hmm, so this could be the reason why a torrent from Fake Tracker 1 is reporting to be 100% and the same torrent released by the same release group (both torrents being 100% exactly the same) is reporting, say, 95% complete while rechecking it on a Fake Tracker 2 torrent... I am trying to outside seed torrents between trackers and that's what's happening to me. I downloaded the files I wanted from FT1 and wanted to seed them on FT2's torrent (can't just add the tracker because I get an error) and FT2's torrent is reporting it as incomplete. How can I do this then? It's supposed to be doable.
  8. This release is reporting wrong files as completed, when they weren't even selected for download in the first place. Also, the "Selected" column is displaying wrong sizes: (click to expand) None of those files were ever selected to be downloaded.
  9. It sounds like you should contact the peers that are on the other torrents' date=' and ask them to download more. If you do a wireshark capture, we'll be happy to look at it for you.[/quote'] I don't know, man. But since uT v3 I keep "wasting" my upload capabilities. I have my upload set to 25 kb/s but uT keeps uploading from only one file at like 8 kb/s, while there are other torrents with 40+ peers to whom uT just won't connect (it shows that it is connected to 0). Even limiting the uploading file's upload doesn't affect the others. It's killing my ratio in all private torrent sites.
  10. You really have to do something about the damn upload chocker. I am seeding 5 torrents with many peers and it is only uploading from one...