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  1. Is this really in the RC? I can't seem to find either of these?! We took it out because it was so very experimental. It will be released with 3.4
  2. We are thinking about releasing something like this. Soon.
  3. Regarding: 1. END File bug 2. XP asking for "run as" adminstrator We are trying to have a fix for both of these in the next build. Stay tuned. Thanks you for your help
  4. Egads! We have a crash when adding magnet links. Will have a new build out shortly.
  5. Will have a fix in the next build
  6. Fixed the bug with flags showing up only after hitting ctrl-shift-r Thanks for the input. You should see it in the next build (after 28918)
  7. Working on the flushing to disk / slow metadata download problems. Should have a build out in the next day. Thank you for your help and patience.
  8. Still Doesn't work It surly can be improved - Filter when switching the "mode" back - Actually' date=' just execute external search / filter as soon as you *select* a menu item . Clicking the icon is an extra action now, which is not required, unluess you just change the search string . This is how search worked before - put this "filter" menu item - as the first item, not waaaaay down as the last one ... Thanks, Rafi. We put the line in the changelog, but released the build that did not have that change in yet. Problem of too many cooks. Let me know what you think after the next release. I will look into re-adding the functionality to search as soon as you change the provider
  9. I think this is fixed in the latest beta (3.2.2). Please post in the following thread if you still see this issue there. Thank you!
  10. So don't do that... Separate the two' date=' at different sides. You can make it show up/close *only* if a user presses control-F ... or always show it... with an UI option, so if you feel it is ugly - always hide it ... To me - it is uglier where it is right now... That looks kinda nice! I'll send your pic to the designers.
  11. OK. So how bout a second edit box in that position (right to the toll-bar)? with proper history and so on ? As you should do for the web search ?... ;P I tried having them right next to each other and it looks a bit ugly. About history - we are thinking about creating something like a filters tab, similar to labels, but are stored when you hit enter maybe..
  12. We tried that. Lets just say they will stay separate for the foreseeable future
  13. yeah' date=' but they don't remove already added bloat.[/quote']We're working on it
  14. The latest build is 3.2.1(28086). If you still see it in there, please post here: Thank you!