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  1. I received this error when trying to run the setup guide. I'm sure I'm running something I need to turn off (on?). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. articuno1au wrote: Thank you I didn't think I needed a 'moral high or low ground' either. My only concern was and always will be security and any privacy I can get. Its apparent I need to learn how the peer list can be used to troubleshoot problems/issues, but that is not for this forum. I will search further. Thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks for the comment. But isn't the real issue the displaying of all of the peers? If there is client software that doesn't display the peers ip wouldn't that be a more secure way to go?
  4. I have used uTorrent for several years and thru my OWN ignorance I paid little attention to the DISPLAYED peer list that anyone can see when downloading. Is this a good thing? If I worked for the MPAA/RIAA/SNOOPERS/ this is exactly the info I would show the the judge when I wanted all of the personal info from all the ISPs so I could sue their collective A**ES off for a lot of money. Someone needs to read the headlines about 23,000 notices going out to said ISPs for just this info (regarding the latest Sylvester Stallone movie). Now, I could pay 100.00 USD per month for a "secure" vpn line. (Is it really? Maybe I could use TOR with the Tails add-on, but you still have the exit node issue here. (not encrypted from node to final destination, unless you have SSL/HTTPS). And the TOR network and torrent downloaders take a performance hit when used together. Think I'll stop for a while.