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  1. Same problem. And another one: Big memory usage on Windows 7. W7 constantly maps files that uT seeding (i see in RamMap). And no matter uT cache is enabled or not.
  2. I have the same thing. This happens when you manually choose the path.
  3. Why is utorrent now created a folder having the name of the file even if you download one file in torrent?
  4. utorrent 3.1.2 build 26705 Previously, when the tracker is to give an error, the column "Tracker" changed its meaning on the next working tracker. It was very easy to sort on this column and quickly find out what trackers do not work. Now this column is not updated at all! How will the value when the program starts, and retains its value, even if you remove the tracker from the list column will still show that it works. This bug appeared in the transition from 3.0 to 3.1
  5. Changes, but does not update the table. Just after the restart. The same thing happens with column tracke
  6. 3.1 stable build 26595 Doesn't change the priority of downloads.
  7. gui.enable_ratings set to false, but an opportunity to establish rating is still active. After restarting, the same thing. uTorrent 3.0 build 25806
  8. please add in the statistics field "Total distributed" (in GiB)
  9. I am a Russian user. Starting with version 25252 hangs when booting Last working version 25234. If you have unplugged all the torrents that do not hang up right away, but hangs up when you begin to start to run one at a time.