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  1. I don't understand something. All of µTorrent's settings are in the registry, so much so that in the µTorrent directory all you see is one file. Are you saying the 64bit version stores the settings somewhere else (in another part of the registry) such that the setting must re-entered manually?. Another thing -- what advantages does it offer us 64bit users compared to the current stable 32bit version? Very often I've upgraded software from the existing [working] 32bit versions to 64 without noticing any difference.
  2. I have a question concerning µTorrent 3.0's drag and drop to seed feature. Say I wanted to upload a torrent to a specific site. What is the procedure? Do I still have to go into the site's "upload torrent" page and fill out the questionnaire concerning what the torrent is all about? After I've done that, it is just a question of dragging and dropping the file as opposed to go through earlier versions of µTorrent's procedure where you had to put specify the file, putting in the site's tracker and everything else to get the .torrent file you'd upload to the site?