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  1. As of different conditions for showing ETA that's definitely not a big deal, as I said it is mostly useless characteristic, but anyway Matt90977, rafi, Firon thanks for your efforts.
  2. I meant exactly what I wrote. The only point is that showing of ETA works in 2.2.1 WITHOUT checking "Limit the upload rate to". That's only one. Not upload limit theory. No point in changing upload speed when reaching seeding goal. Just useless characteristic that works slightly different in new version. Your way does the trick, however it's useless if you have individual limits for some torrents because when they reach seeding goal their upload speed limits will be overwritten by the value you set as "Limit the upload rate to".
  3. Here you go Hope it will be enough, you can also prove me being wrong by posting screenshot with seeding torrents showing ETA and unchecked "Limit the upload rate to".
  4. rafi What are you talking about? On the screenshot above there're 7 (!!) torrents with ratio below 2.0. And I have no upload limit theory btw, so I really don't understand what you are calling BS. I think you consider me being pretty stupid, I realize conditions that should be fulfilled for ETA to be seen, just don't get why they were changed in 3.0.
  5. I feel out of it, but what is wrong this time? There are torrents with ratio more than minimum seeding goal, there are torrents with ratio less than minimum seeding goal, but ETA shows inf. for all of them. I get it, ETA shows up only when you checked "Limit the upload rate to". Can't understand though why developers remade ETA counting system or conditions for it to be seen.
  6. Yes, that's really how it works and if I want to see ETA to my ratio seeding goal not time seeding goal? Minimum seeding time set to 0 should do the trick however it doesn't. It seems for me that as it is now, ETA doesn't consider minimum ratio at all.
  7. I've set it too, the result is the same. I even tried to restart uTorrent, in 2.2.1 ETA works without setting minimum seeding time.
  8. rafi It's like we're using totally different clients.
  9. IAmTheClaw It seems for me that you can sort your downloading torrents by ETA as before. The issue is about seeding torrents: for all of them without significant seeding goal ETA column shows infinity sign. And even when "Override default settings" is checked in Properties of certain torrent, ETA still shows infinity sign.
  10. Kind of new issue: I've tried to uncheck Apply rate limit to uTP connections in "Global rate limit options" section and individual limits for each torrent failed to operate. Is it how this option supposed to work? Afair in 2.2.1 it worked in a different way.
  11. osmosis, thanks for your reply, it definitely is lower now.
  12. Have noticed increasing of CPU usage compared to 2.2.1. When there is only uloading (~ 200 kB/s) utorrent is using 7-15 % of CPU, and when there is also downloading (~ 1 MB/s) CPU usage could reach 50%. I don't think this is how it should be.
  13. Stars represent rating, to make ratio visible right click on the column's names line and enable Ratio
  14. ajitesh_m Have you tried to enable Pref. -> Bandwidth -> Stop Transfers on user interaction?
  15. rafi I see. Thanks anyway. Maybe these issues were caused by settings I made for v 2, so I think I'll try to delete settings.dat and adjust it from scratch again.