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  1. Wow, " Sv213 " is and was off the charts. He must be on drugs or something ! If he would have read near the top of the thread again, he would have seen that the only one that made a reference to Bill Gates or Steve Wazniak was myself. Agent007Bond only replied to my Kudos. Which apparently Sv213 took offence to and let his jealousy come boiling through. I had no problem following the instructions provided by Agent007Bond. If you are fairly new to computers ( say 1 or 3 years ) I could see where you might get confused. But if you try it one way and it does not work, go back and re read the post , trying to see it differently. Don't be so impatient. Keep trying 2 or 3 different ways, eventually you will get it. " Persistence Pays Off " . I thought Agent007Bond was thoughtful and assertive in his reply to " Sv213 " . Agent007Bond even provided him with further information and provided his Dropbox link. Now that's customer service ! Way to go Agent007Bond, Kudos to you ! . . . . .
  2. Agent007Bond WOW ! You rock dude. Your post is excellent. Concise, straight to the point. Easy to understand, and implement. I simply downloaded your skin file, by left clicking on it, scanned for virus (clean) , then like you suggested, I drag and dropped it right onto my active uTorrent window and voila , the graph change colours right away, I did'nt even have to restart uTorrent. The way you designed your post and the implementation is very easy. I think you will be the next Bill Gates or Steve Wozniak. Hell, for all I know you are either Bill Gates or Steve Wozniak. Thank You very much.. P.S. Now I have extra time to brush my gums. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .