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  1. With reference to the silent updates, not sure if you would be able to also silently rollback an update (or consider such a feature), or the ability to push out a previous build as the latest "update". Currently I've to restart utorrent roughly every 24hrs as my uploads and downloads would die, and the number of "corked jobs" climb with every passing second. This has been happening for a number of builds now and I've no idea when it started or what is causing it, but I've been always looking forward to each new build that might hopefully solve this problem. I also suffer from the "Checked 0.0%" bug hence need to rollback to a previous build. It's a minor hassle to delete the update folder and update.dat in order to rollback each time I restart utorrent. Would you consider adding an option for the user to be able to select a previous version in the update folder, especially as a debugging tool for alphas and betas? For your consideration. Thank you.
  2. 3.3 Alpha b28120 Force Re-Check does not appear to read the actual file on the disk when rehashing. I've not done extensive testing, but I had a 100% completed torrent with an ISO image that I believed was corrupted/incomplete. This completed torrent resides on an NAS. I did a Force Re-Check and uTorrent found no errors. The recheck sped thru too quickly for it to be read off the NAS so I decided to rename/removed the ISO file in question and did another Force Re-Check. uTorrent re-allocated the file and returned the torrent as 99.9% complete with 1x 4Mb piece missing. I start the torrent and it downloads the "missing" piece, reports 100% complete and starts seeding. Doing another Force Re-Check returns no errors and 100% complete. I open the raw file and it's an empty file filled with nulls. I replaced the original file back and decided to try using 3.2.1 RC2. Force Re-Check was slow as it actually did read the file off the disk. It eventually did find and logged "No longer have piece: xxxx", which I had suspected in the beginning.