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  1. Yes' date=' so? They will update the alpha when they will get to it...[/quote'] Again a clear illustration of the terrible status of the project. The evolution of versions look like some headless duck running around the yard, with random deliveries and fixes-creating-more-bugs. I had lots of hope when I saw that 3.3 was a major redesign of DiskIO, but I feel very discouraged to be a Alpha tester/victim. Hold on to it, guys. How long has this "affair" been going on? 1 year soon !
  2. I dont understand the way you publish code , guys. Version 3.1.3 is still full of problems, and you are delivering a 3.2 Beta and a 3.3 Alpha. All this does not make sense.. OR may be you dont dare to write "3.1 is deely crippled so we ask you to live with it for a few months ? weeks? while we are rewriting Disk-IO etc.." I still live happilly with my 2.2.1 ;-) Thanks.
  3. I am anxious. This time again a "stable" release seems to bring more bugs... What's wrong ? The fundamental architecture and design of version 3 ?? Please giveus more info on your size of Open Bugs, and its evolution so we can feel confident in the future of uTorrent
  4. It seems to me that its pretty difficult to be "considerably buggier than the 32-bit release". May I humbly suggest that you concentrate all available ressources to fix the numerous problemsof 3.0 / 3.1 ?? It seems totally inadequate to develop any extensions ( The Plus paying add-ons) or 64 bits ports until the very fundamental design flaws of the Genenation 3.x have been fixed - or abandonned and redeveloped on a new base, which seems not so crazy given the time elapsed since the first release ...
  5. Well, Version 3.1 was first released in september. We are three months later. And discovering a Release Candidate every day. And the known problems list still contains MAJOR issues. So I have a feeling of anxiety. I stopped using V3.1 a couple of weeks ago due to memory clobbing, 99% problems, inability to shut down properly, UI inconsistencies,etc... And release after release I still see the same negative reports in this forum. Where are you heading to? IMHO, it cannot be poor coding, cause you have amply proven that you know your way around. So what ? Is it a design flaw, is the new UI "paradigm" erroneous, are independent thread errors never collected and fixed ?? Isn't it time to go through an in depth self-audit of your choices for V3.x ??