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  1. You sound like an arrogant troll in your posts... and pretty sure you read all of his paragraphs since you had to point out that you hadn´t. I´ll listen to Rush over you any day of the week, he might swear a bit more than you, but he doesn´t bring the attitude of being a douche.
  2. That is because the magnet-link you clicked wasn´t a link to a .torrent-file! Not uTorrents problem. The file(s) you´re downloading will show up soon enough.
  3. I wish there was a 64bit updated release being maintained, i doubt any processors sold today are 32bit, and the reason for me wanting 64bit is access to more than 2gb of my RAM as cache, got 100mbit up and download so would be nice to have the server with 8gb being able to take some load of the hard drive, and looking to build a new Llano mini-itx server with 8 or 16GB ram possibly, will likely run Linux on it tho... hoping for uTorrent Linux or some similar client that will let you use more of the RAM as cache!