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  1. I'm with build 30362 and still have a problem with speed shown correctly. It shows half the speed I'm downloading with. This is on the second PC that i tried. It is with fresh win 7 and Utorrent install. My max speed is 75 Mbps witch is around 9 MiB/s.
  2. uTorrent shows speeds in MBps NOT Mbps Yea I know but I was to lazy to verify. Even so you got my point. To much nitpicking.
  3. I have problem with the speed. It shows half of what in reality I'm downloading with. I was downloading a 3.3 gb file speed shown in utorrent is 1.6mb/s, but it is 3.2mbs measures with 2 other programs. Utorrent 3.3.2 report it normally.
  4. I was downloading something whit speed about 5.5MB/s when i saw my ram at 7Gb usually is around 2.2gb. When i stooped the torrent everything went back to normal.
  5. ^ Just started to happen to me too. Could you add an option to delete entries with pressing the Del key, when you have highlighted it, wile you're fixing the problem.
  6. The way the drop box in Save In is now makes a really long list and most of the entries are duplicated. Could you return the old way?
  7. Apparently I can't download any more. uTorent cache is not writing anything to disk, it stays full even if i stop the torrent.