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  1. ajitesh_m - What's your line speed on your internet connection? Also what speeds do you obtain when torrenting?
  2. May I quickly jump in and say: 200 windows explorer windows open when you select 200 torrents and hit <ENTER> … 66#p587866 Is a joke. You can't code for user stupidity :\ Otherwise you will have to pop 50 pop up boxes.. "Are you sure you want to keep downloading this torrent?" "How about now?"
  3. There's no hook for triple clicking. Try clicking once, Ctrl + A.
  4. It's not quite that easy. Also, I think for the feature set added, uTorrent is capable of remaining extremely light. It just needs more time to mature. Yeah' date=' and not on just GUI issues... [/quote'] Back to the old command line we go
  5. That would be because when you are finished downloading, you are uploading. When you are uploading, you don't need to upload to other people that have already finished downloading (a.k.a. Seeders). That's why you are seeing 0 seeds. Peer counts are updated daily at best, more often weekly. The result is the information on the website is out of date. I agree with you here. My speeds have been sub par since the 3.0 builds.
  6. Bahahaha.. Getting sick of it hey? Although I in NO WAY endorse or agree with the behaviour of the users taking a swipe at you and your development team; they are reacting to the software you have delivered. They are bitching and moaning (again, I don't agree with it) and being met with very little in response (to their unreasonable approach). Add to this that uTorrent has progressed to RC3 with a collection of bugs still present and various issues unanswered that even die hard fans are starting to question the wisdom of their loyalty. I've been on these forums for a long time. I do lots of reading and (until recently) not much writing. Although I know this isn't the case; it appears as though you do not care about users points of view. You are (justifiably) ignoring the ignoramuses, answering a percentage of the decent questions. The issue is that it APPEARS you are ignoring issues, even if you are not. Appearance is more important then fact, especially in these kind of matters. The great irony of all this is that the douche bags on your forums represent perhaps 50% of your forum population, and less than 0.01% of your total user base. </condescending sophomoric rant>
  7. Going to jump in on the health bar colour. The orange gives the impression that something is wrong and is completely at odds to the rest of the interface. Worth going back to green I think. Beyond that I have nothing to add May I ask (as a sidenote) what criteria are used to decide when uTorrent moves from Beta to RC readiness? Just seems a little haphazard..
  8. The new colours/interface are a massive improvement. The entire interface seems unified. I like it Slow graph response after a torrent finishes seems resolved. Everything looks good from my reported issues, I can't test the hard drive cache thrashing currently.
  9. What Alpha-toxic is showing there is what I was seeing on my server. I noted insanely high read usage and just wrote it off as irrelevant because I had time constraints on my uploads. I rolled over to Bitcomet due to slow up speeds. Server 08 R1 SP 2 x64 no anti-virus installed running Windows Firewall.
  10. @ Bigfalls - Thanks for the info. A vast majority of us understand what you said. You are obviously going to get hit up by some of the trolls. I think so long as you keep us (the people testing your pre-release features) informed (which is something the uTorrent team aren't great at) and consider (not necessarily follow) our responses and feed back you will have a strong core user base. Just please don't get tunnel vision with the features your adding. I think there are some good things coming, but I think you shouldn't be afraid to drop features (in the short term) that aren't sitting well with the users. Other then that, awesome -- I have something to add relating to the interface, I'm not sure what to call this.. I currently have my uTorrent set up to seed for 60 seconds after finishing the torrent (due to having a shared connection, I re-upload during off-peak). I noted that when the seeding started, the download stayed up at a high rate for an extended period. In the case of my screenshot 12 seconds, but 30 seconds later it was still sitting 40KBps above the rate it should have been. It's a bit odd, like I said, not sure what to call it. Hopefully you can read your own speed graphs to spot what I am talking about
  11. The issue is that even with the same torrent file, you may have connected to different parts of the swarm and that explains the difference in download speeds and the rapidity with which you obtain these speeds. (It means that there is no corollary between the build and the speed issues :|) I am inclined to agree that there are speed issues with this build. I couldn't get a server with a 100Mbps pipe above 2Mbps constant upload. I'm lucky in that the files I download are generally exceptionally well seeded, so I haven't had to many issues overall..
  12. Yeah, I completely understand. I'm a network engineer myself. I just won't report it unless I can confirm it. I'm on an 8Mbps connection that peeks at about 800KBps. I'm not exactly a high speed downloader For speed tests I am always hitting torrents with superseeding servers or massive seed counts. Even then I understand that who in the swarm I connect to and their current peer connections will affect their serving speed, but not to the tune of 500KBps generally >.< That said again, you don't listen to these reports for the same reason that tech support always walk you through the idiot trouble shooting steps; if it is an idiot issue, you spend a day chasing down a non issue. Ostrich with the head in the sand. Bit harsh isn't it? He is of course correct though (as per normal). For legitimate and illegitimate users, being able to access the peer list let's you download your torrent. The protocol has to include this functionality or you can't download anything. You don't need uTorrent to collect all the peer data, there are a dozen swarm scrapers out there that will do it for you.. As a side note, since when does one need to have the moral high ground to make a feature request?
  13. I can reconfirm Meddio's post about misreporting speeds, I had noticed it but thought it was just the difference with overhead. I since rechecked. In the latest build my actual download speed issues have cleared up. Torrents are coming down at their expected rates, so I'm removing my previous report (not that I think you guys take speed reports seriously :\) @ MacGyverek - Wow.. Just wow :\
  14. I'm having serious speed issues with the last 3 builds. I can't get torrents that regularly average 800kbps+ above 300. I've had a look through my settings and checked my connection.. Everything seems fine. Anyone else having this issue? EDIT:: The new build seems to be capable of pushing up to 350, which is still about 1/3 of line speed.. The torrents are all sufficiently seeded, so that's not the issue, image attached: Not the horizontal lines. I've been having that for a couple of builds as well O.o P.s. I will literally pay for your IPBoard subscription if you move to decent forum software :\ No java resizing attached images.. Oh dear..