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  1. What I meant, was I couldn't download to the computer drive because of the "overload" problem. That's why I came up with the USB and "USB drive restart" solution.
  2. This is a bit weird, but here is what helps me. This steps take effect while downloading directly to a USB storage. Maybe there is a fix for the computer drives too, but I don't know it. I succeed to solve the problem a few times - once by installing the 2.2.1 version (it worked with no problem, even more, the uninstalled 3.1.2 started to work with no errors too), but the something went wrong again, and the "disk overload" problem appeared again, both in 2.2.1 and 3.1.2. After this I tried many things, but nothing helped, and as I can see, this problem appears randomly, without any possibility (at least for me) to know the reason. But here's a step that helped all the time: 1. Start download directly to a USB drive 2. Wait until the "disk overload 100%" and shut down (unmount, remove, disconnect) the drive 3. The uTorrent will show an error, but DO NOT shutdown the uTorrent 4. Wait for a little 5. ... 6. ... 7. ... 8. Turn on (mount, insert, connect) the drive back again Off course, this is a temporary solution, until the devs come with a shining fix
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