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  1. Yes rafi, I can confirm the exact same oscillation with b30409 on XP SP3. Hmm, I cannot recall its presence before...
  2. I have one question about ram usage of uTorrent 3.3.2. Without utorrent my system with other applications requieres about 950 MB of ram. When I start utorrent with about 90 torrents it grows to about 1.3 GB (in task manager utorrent.exe is about 3o-40 MB). Is this 1.3 GB normal?
  3. When I restart utorrent and try to resume the paused torrents, they enter stopped state instead of starting downloads.I currently use build 30260. This is a problem I have been facing since many builds of utorrent. I have read that a similar problem was fixed in version 3.3 stable (build 29333). But it does not seem to help in my case.
  4. Move the entire folder to where you prefer it be so it becomes an "encapsulated installation". Why the hell do I have to move the folder afterward instead of choosing where to install first... It's not a good thing to force install, and especially a very bad thing to install anything in user profile except pure datas or settings... regards...
  5. I understand that files can conflict, though it has never happened with the torrents I have set to download through the RSS downloader. I usually just move them manually to the parent folder after they are downloaded. Of course I have to set the new path in uTorrent if I want to seed them (and I do). Skipping the conflicting files might be a solution but then the feature gets a bit complicated. Anyway I'd be glad to use this feature and it would save me a lot of time.
  6. Actually I meant the opposite Utorrent now creates subfolders for multifile RSS torrents and I want to avoid that.
  7. Add the "Create subfolder" checkbox to the RSS downloader, too, please.
  8. sorry, I must be blind
  9. what's the changelog for new build 29336?
  10. Hello naiduv, I am still a user of μtorrent v2.2.1 (build 25130) for windows XP SP3 (single core CPU) and I am perfectly happy with it:D Unfortunately I can only afford a rather poor specced PC, so I can achieve the highest download speed along with smallest CPU load using the aforementioned μtorrent build:rolleyes: Did I mention that I also love its sleek, snappy and 'real estate'-conscious user interface:cool: Thanks for asking:) /* Yes Mr. DreadWingKnight, security risks acknowledged;) I have tried up to build 28038 inclusive, to no avail I am afraid:( */