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  1. I cant track the site down. while looking for it, I found that you might be right. the numbers seem to be lower.. sry. we really need a "download failed" sign! something like this:
  2. Home Basic: 5 Home Premium: 25 Business: 25+ Enterprise: 25+ Ultimate: 25+
  3. its not a 1.7 beta problem, its the same behaviour as in 1.6.x. im glad actually, that it marks it as downloaded.. even if its not true. this way I get notified about that episoed and at least I can download it manualy. if its not marked as downloaded, I would not see that this episode got released! it should mark it as download failed or whatever. but it should be marked!
  4. have you guys tried this: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=234466#p234466
  5. I like it..! =) I love it..! =D still not optional..
  6. thats why it should be optional. and yes, its slow!
  7. what are the changes from 1.5.1 b466 to 1.6rc1 b467? the changelog covers all changes since the first 1.5.1beta.
  8. options -> auto shutdown windows -> shutdown when everything completes GREAT new feature!!
  9. just found something new.. (to me that is) ^^ if u click on the colored network thingie in the statusbar, it opens up the network wizard..
  10. ugh.. it resets the columns.. :/
  11. build 459 shows wrong speed in title bar.. 10x too fast! ^^
  12. is this working as it should..?
  13. that and the refresh resolution is set back to 5 seconds.