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  1. You can set that behavior in Preferences > UI Settings > System Tray
  2. @Firon No No no ...! There ARE some of us that still use Win98 SE2 for legitimate legacy reasons. I can see dropping ME and 2K, but SE2 works. Please, don't leave us out in the cold like every other developer has...ok???
  3. @Jimbo4947 The setting you are looking for can be found in: Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs Scroll down until you see the listing for uTorrent, and click the remove button. Seriously, we are talking about P2P software here. Due to it's very nature, I would suggest you do some research on Google before you attempt to use uTorrent, or any other P2P app for that matter. If you're gonna play with the Big Dogs.......get my drift?
  4. Wow, was all that really necessary gwyld2? Maybe you SHOULD find a new client, and grace THEIR forums with your wisdom. Sheesh.. :/
  5. Maybe he wants a straight .torrent client?
  6. @paul1942 Google is your friend. Whenever you have problems with a piece of software, search Google first. Chances are (99.9%) you'll find your answer.
  7. @mataku Just go to the homepage and download 1.8 stable from there. Work just fine, I just checked.
  8. @tarbaby "Why does Greedy Torrent no longer work with Utorrent? Never been a problem before, now the proxy connect does not work. Total bummer for those of us in places that don't have 100 or 1000 MB lines and wanna keep our accounts in private sites." Man, that's lamer software! If you can't upload your ratio to your private tracker, then use the public ones. I work too hard on MY ratio to seed to "hit and run" lamers like you. Get lost. (sorry to the admins. This really gets my ass)
  9. Great job! This stable release cleaned up nicely.