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  1. Would be great if this was the only problem. The real problem is, the new features they add are extremely sloppy, amateurish. They don't know how to build a proper Windows application. I have all the latest version in my users/roaming folder while the auto update never worked. When I press to install the update it found, the window just closes and nothing happens. They can't even give us a proper installation path, things you learn the first day you start developing. Files that cannot be deleted etc. Given the millions they get, you'd think they'd have true, professional developers backing the project at the very least.
  2. Any chance to fix the crash when I'm trying to open μtorrent by clicking on a .torrent file? Usually after the download on a browser. It makes 3.3.2 unusable, literally.
  3. Thank you, lad! I know about F1, but as usually happens on the extremely badly μTorrent written, you keep searching just to find out what you're looking for is not working anymore. From version to version, you don't know what works and what doesn't. That's why I mainly asked about this specific feature.
  4. Right, thank you! Currently I don't have something to delete in order to test it... What exactly should I set there to delete both, .torrent + data? 1? 2? 3? Thanks in advance!
  5. Guys, please, can someone tell how can I delete torrent + data just by pressing the del button? Firstly, is it working in version 3.3.1? I'm asking because someone told once, but it wasn't working and forgot how to do/try it again...
  6. You really do sound mad, son. Also, like one of those apologists that many corps lately have for free, and paradoxically, they do feel smarter than the average... boo boo. Coincidentally, your signature.
  7. Sure... BTW, never seen a random download, make sure you have advanced->distibuted_share.enabled = false. It happens regurarly for long time. The only client that is completely solid on this matter, is Tixati. The reason I made it default program currently.
  8. Incidentally, do you know how can I set the delete button to act like "delete torrent & data" ? I mean, I just want to press the delete button on keyboard in order both, torrent and data files to be removed...
  9. So... in the final 3.3.1 version, we won't have the ability to install utorrent wherever we want? It should be in C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming only? Why? Is it again cause of the devs being incompetent while they don't know how to make the new update system work otherwise? Or they want it to be as hidden as possible for some reason? And here, it keeps all the previous downloaded versions... How do I stop that, anyone knows? C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\updates
  10. Uhm... Lately it's working pretty well, as it seems. What changes have been currently made to installer? Because I'd like to install utorrent on another disk, not my primary C. Also, once I saw over 2500 DHT nodes in a relatively small period of time... Was that some kind of error?
  11. Excellent... The nice light blue colour is back, and the new μTorrent icon is damn perfect. Now I'm downloading and would like to see if the white gap has been fixed.... Incidentally, I'm getting a white, blank icon when in "not connectable" mode and the allocated sections for twitter/fb icons remain after I press on them: Please, fix these 3 minor glitches.
  12. Uhm... What was the problem with the light blue colour? Sorry, but I'll say it... This purple is a bit gay, but most importantly, completely irrelevant to every other thing I've on my PC. There is nowhere purple to be found. Yeah, I know... Details, but... If you could only fix the small white gap, would be great. Also, something more important... Sometimes when I close uTorrent, the process "uTorrent.exe" stays intact... It hangs...
  13. But I went on all default Temp folders and there is no such dll... Its name sounds like it is one component of the built-in offers mechanism, but still there's nowhere to be found. What's that dlsreports? How can I try it?
  14. It's from all the adware/crapware upon utorrent installation. Seems like you were not careful enough to untick all that unecessary junk during the installation of uTorrent!!! This sounds logic... The last step is tricky in order to consfuse you. You should press "decline" while it seems like the normal EULA we usually get by other software that we've to press "accept" in order to proceed. Maybe somewhere there you were consfused and one of the 3 crapware has been installed on you.
  15. Seriously, what are you talking about? I'm watching via Process Explorer and when I open μTorrent, nothing else starts running... Care to elaborate -at least send prive msg... I have auto check for updates disabled and DHT enabled only for new torrents, while I still see some unexplained traffic on the main executable, I simply cannot know what can be. Other processes, though, none. Which Temp folder? The C:/Windows/Temp, C:/Users/blabla/Temp Internet Files or what?