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  1. 2.2.1 build 25130 because it is in general stable and fits my needs. The versions 3.x that I tried had a maths bug that allowed it to be set so it coud be set to have zero upload connections which breaks it as far as bittorrent good neighbour standards, in other words can be set to be a 100% leech without penalty imposition for being a selfish git! Such behaviour risks those client id strings being blocked by swarms for being known non-contributing clients. Plus all the bloat being added to 3.x versions. I always chose this program because it was small in name (micro Torrent) and in executable footprint and resource usage. Adding media players and all the other stuff is just not of interest to me. BTW when I reported the max upload connections count bug it was dismissed and waffled around and no indication of if it ever would be addressed so I have not bothered trying later so called stable 3.x versions. IMHO upto 2.2.1 are fit to be called µTorrent, but 3.x should be mTorrent for milli not mciro