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  1. I'm having an irritating problem. If I open a torrent and wait with okaying the Add Torrent dialog, and instead choose to open another torrent, thinking I'll click past both dialogs in a row instead, uTorrent only let me add the last torrent opened and then becomes unusable.. The second dialog never appears, and uTorrent is acting as though the dialog is opened - I can't do anything within it.
  2. So.. What's happening, developers/administration? Can you give us, the curious ones, an update or some info at all about the further development of uTorrent for Mac? Cheers
  3. Heck, I've had at least 100 torrents, periodically active, constantly. Haven't noticed any problems at all since maybe 4-5 updates ago. However, I rarely do anything out of the ordinary, maybe sometimes just select files within a torrent to download..
  4. This build fixed the crashes I was getting 2 minutes after starting the app. Thanks!
  5. Sova and Carlinho, have you tried just downloading one torrent at a time? Does it work then?
  6. grouchy - 2) is already a feature if I understand you correctly? You want to be able to select which files in a torrent to download? Right-click them in the Files-tab under the torrent and select Don't download? //mefi
  7. Valid point Aypeus, and with that I agree! Getting a stable version out there ought to be the main issue when developing the client, and as I said before, I think many many mac-users would change to uTorrent once the stable version is attainable.
  8. Well, it is an alpha - you can't expect that much from an app in such an early stage. I'm sure the developers listen to the (constructive) critique people post, and that it will result in a way better app than Transmission. I've had OS X for a year now, and I never could bear Transmission for more than a month. What I think you possibly could ask for though, is a little faster development - there is a huge mass of torrentusers who are not satisfied with transmission, and getting a stable uTorrent for Mac out there as soon as possible would connect many of those people to uTorrent!
  9. Working fine, thanks! Some toughts on the UI though, from my personal perspective: I'm not quite liking the active/inactive/start icons... not quite simple enough for my liking. Upon selecting a torrent that's uploading I find it real hard to see the green arrow, since the green and blue colors don't contrast each other that well! As someone else commented on, I find the white background maybe a bit hard and sharp for the eyes, while the green progress-bar is a little too week in it's color. Other than that, great improvement! //Viktor ***edit*** Oh and yeah, almost forgot! I'm getting error message each time I shut the computer off, and uTorrent is running, saying that uTorrent interrupted the shutdown.. And still anticipating a release with Growl-support!
  10. Thanks, last build fixed my problem with status-displaying not working. Still liking the new UI, although waiting for notifications (on dock icon, or growl perhaps?)
  11. I like the new look! Although there's a new bug for me since 0.9.2 - the different status views (Downloading, Active, All etc.) doesnt change anything in the display list!