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  1. Thank u for ur reply DreadwingKnight. I looked at the sites, and it is really not helpful to me at all. Can u plse give me a few seconds and tell me how to configure the port? When they talk of a "rooter" , I assume its the ADSL modem they refer too, yes? I have a "Zyxel P-600"; at the bottom the following data is found: P660RT2 EE T2 model number 401494. IP: Password (i will give it if u need it) Regards PS: feel free to contact me at nastasiaprincess@gmail.com.
  2. 1. Hi, Im a new uTorrent user. 2. I noted that its forbidden to ask help, but I dont know where to go. Plse advise me where can i post my questions on how to configure the ports of the new uTorrent 1.7.7. 3. I used BitTorrent before, and it was easy to install and use. No port configuring. What is the difference between uTorrent and Bittorrent? Regards Anastasia
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