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  1. Hrm.......I think maybe we're getting closer to the problem aswell.....I use TrueCrypt too and only the new 3.3x versions after the disk I/O rewrite crash for me.......
  2. *sigh* crashes too, I'll restate specs again: W7 x64, 16GB RAM, i5-3570k, Avast 8.0.1489 antivirus (crashes happened with v7 and other v8's), Comodo Firewall 5.10. is the last version that doesn't crash for me, seems anything in the 3.3 and 3.3.1 branch crashes. 3.2.3 I can leave running for days, 3.3 and 3.3.1 crash after an hour or two. I tried your settings a few versions ago, crash. Haven't run as admin, but I don't see how admin will fix it. ATM I'm not going to do admin and 3.3 or 3.3.1 b/c I'm going to leave this unattended so I'll be running 3.2.3. Let me know if you need any other specs/software.
  3. As I've stated before 3.2.3 is the last version that doesn't crash for me. So I deleted settings.dat and settings.dat.old installed 3.3.29625 and after an hour or so crashed. Trying the latest 3.3.1 beta, going to see if that crashes aswell or no. Using W7 x64, 16GB RAM, i5, don't know what else to list or do that could cause the crashing.
  4. The info is just being delayed here, need to wait a few seconds on the selected torrent for it to show up (with ~200 torrents in the list) Is that 200 total torrents, of downloading, seeding, completed, or just downloading? Also thanks to whomever found the issue with torrents needing a recheck, thru the different crashes of the betas it seems torrents "completed" but didn't really complete, using v 3.2.3 I found 5 from the last 3 weeks that didn't really complete, now I'm moving backwards and checking anything in the last month. Has the checking/rechecking issue been fixed?
  5. Did the autosend dump thing that pops up on crash.
  6. Right It worked alot better updating like that' date=' thanks. Update: 5 Mins later this version crashed.[/quote'] 3.2.3 build 28705 is about the last version that doesn't crash on me. Which sucks b/c I like the search function letting you search within the torrent list and 3.2.3 does not have that. But at least it doesn't crash every 30 mins, or at all.
  7. Same here crashed with builds before, didn't with 29565, and now with 29569 crashing, luckily after I don't know how many times, it prompted me to revert to an older version and that fixed it
  8. Hi, We have an experimental feature called distributed share that we are testing in alphas & betas - that code is not turned on in release builds. I'll forward your post to the Distributed Share team. Thank you Can you or anyone go into some detail what this Distributed Share feature is?
  9. Using 3.3.1 beta 29565 I get this in the Logger tab alot, I've never seen it before in release or other beta versions. I haven't seen anyone post this. It's repeated many times about once an hour or so. [DISTSHARE] Distributed Share Server did not like our request.
  10. Sigh, I'm still using 3.2.3, is there a 3.3 or 3.3.1 beta version recommended to go with or just keep waiting? I had problems with the initial 3.3 release and only going back to 3.2.3 fixed it.
  11. Had to revert to 3.2.3. 3.3 Stable kept a torrent in "flushing to disk" for hours, quit out, had to terminate utorrent via taskmanager, launched 3.3 again that torrent and a couple of others would not complete it's "Check" even after choosing stop and force recheck they stayed at checking without moving any % at all. Reverted to 3.2.3 torrents checked and are running again.
  12. To rafi or anyone that can help, how do you get the background color of the speed tab to be that dark navy blue, mine is white, but that blue background makes it much easier to make a distinction of the lines.