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  1. MARSHALL777

    UTorrent mobile client

    Ive tested and it still works without the torrent name, just the id number Cant get the bookmarklet to work on this particular tracker even with the cookies etc included
  2. MARSHALL777

    UTorrent mobile client

    Nice one will work great with a private tracker i use...i usually have to take note of the .torrent url and add my tracker passkey onto the end, so... I could save a url like this example: hxxp:// Then just edit the torrent id for every download on that tracker
  3. MARSHALL777

    UTorrent mobile client

    Any chance of a template or save/edit option in the "add url" section, would be useful for me when i manually add the url's as i mainly only use this function on one site. So instead of completely adding the full details everytime, I could use a saved url and change the torrent id. Hope you can help
  4. MARSHALL777

    UTorrent mobile client

    Yeah working great for me on my old SE k750i, working on a few private trackers too, using the "bookmarklet" method with an SSH url link (pain in the ass manually adding url ) ....Thanks
  5. MARSHALL777

    UTorrent mobile client

    Hope you can sort the option to "add file" using the .torrent as im having a nightmare trying to include a passkey to the .torrent url for private trackers Otherwise excellent client m8 Any chance of having the option of editing the torrents tracker info once its started running in the client. I found that if you add the url for a torrent from a private tracker you get invalid passkey (tried adding the passkey to the url but no luck) However, testing on my home pc in utorrent if you right click on the torrent and open properties, you can edit the torrents tracker info and re-add the passkey to the end, which updates the tracker correctly. So if I could edit the info in the client, private trackers should work ok, well one of the ones i use anyway. Hope you can help?