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  1. Hiya, After some break, I tried the app again. All is working Strange part is that I still have no clue what caused the problems before. I am still using same config even though I upgraded to uTorrent 1.8 and came back to 1.77. Don't know what it is, actually don't care, I will just make a backup on my phones configuration and hoping this status will remain. This is one of the greatest apps I've ever seen on the mobile world so big thumbs up!!!
  2. Hi, this looks creepy because I have exactly same problem, uTorrent Mobile stopped connecting few days ago. I have HTC Diamond and was able to connect earlier but not any more. Same error message as atomicrabbit. Everything is ok with Opera Mobile browser, but not with the client. I am running on my computer Win XP, uTorrent 1.7.7 and webUI 0.315. I haven't made any changes on computer Any ideas? Oh yeah, thanks for the great app!