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  1. Every time I start µTorrent Plus it wants to install the Transcode and does not complete it rolls through the second bar and get at 99% and rolls backwards. It seems it does not install.
  2. Give utorrent portability during installation. Give the options to make utorrent portable, then under the check box select which items you would like to make portable as in Apps, Program Settings(Instead of placing them in the C:\Users\..\%AppData%\ Folder), WebUI, Make virus definitions an option to do the same. Just give all possibilities of portability to be installed in one location instead of %AppData%. I have my C:\* on ReturnilVirtualSystem and utorrent installed on a D:\ for the program to update but it makes it hard to change settings and update when you restart it reverts those settings.
  3. -->> Breach Get update checker. What is the Ask Rollout?