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  1. Encryption is NOT helping at on for SureWest. They have shut it down to 0kbs to 2kbs. I've been at 0 kb/s for two days. All ports test open. The encryption seems to do nothing at all. What could they be doing that does not block the port, but stops BT traffic, even with encryption? I tried to download the OOo torrent. Tracker connects and all, and it shows 174 peers 0 seeds, but 0kbs download, and the peers tab is totally empty. Is this some kind of new throttle/block?
  2. OK. so I've got the new beta with the encryption, and there's no difference in speeds. I've tried all the various options, uncheck the legacy box.. nuttin'... Is this going to not be worthwhile until all clients are using the encryption?
  3. Oh happy day if that happens. I don't get why ISP's bother to roll out networks that offer 3/1 when the only thing they let you do is HTTP and email! WTF is the point of a big empty pipe like that?! Maybe it's time to go back to the old PeerToPeer like Napster so we can actually use the pipes?
  4. A question on the throttle bypass issue: I tried bitComet just to see if the encryption option would help the speed. It did not. Is the path you're going down as a solution for uTorrent the same as BitComet? If it is, then I'm not sure how it will help the issue. If it's different, and if BitComet didn't help, then will your solution get around this shaping issue? Does that make sense? I guess what I'm asking is if BitComet didn't help, will uTorrent once this PHE work is done? Thanks!
  5. Sacramento CA area: SureWest's fixed wireless is shaping/throttling BT traffic. Not sure about other services they offer as I'm stuck with SW's FW or the local cable monopoly Starstream's crap service. This is just complete B.S.! Let's see SureWest is giving me 3meg down and 1 meg up, but I only get like 6kB/s down via BT. WTF?! WTF do I need 3MB down and 1MB up to surf the web and read email?!!! That's all I can do with their B.S. traffic shaping or WTF it is. Starstream's CRAP cable service that they keep jacking the price up every 3 months give me 1MB down and like 128kB up (yes, that's right 128!) for like $50/mo which is complete B.S. however I can get over 80-100kB/s via BT on well peered files. SBC's DSL is not offered on my f'ing street. Street up the road and down the road but not here. Un-f'ing-real. It's 2006 and we are dealing with this kind of crap still. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE figure out some way for BT to be able to use the damn bandwidth I'm paying for!!!!!
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