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  1. i had this problem for weeks and couldnt fix it despite all the generous help and fixes from threads like these. long story short, i lowered the firewall settings on my ROUTER from Medium (the typical/recommended setting) to Low and voila, my torrents started downloading! originally I wasnt able to log into DHT, no trackers were making successful connections (timed out etc), downloads stagnated at "connecting to peers" or "downloading at 0%" and the utorrent status icon in the lower right hand corner was an orange triangle, which said "no incoming connections." Make sure your firewall on both your OS and your ROUTER, whichever it may be, is allowing incoming connections. for some reason the router was blocking the udp/tcp connections despite the fact that utorrent and transmission were using open ports (the ports they were using had been checked and weren't listed under the blocked p2p ports under the "medium" settings of my router). my ISP is Comcast, I have an Argis TG862 router, windows 7, utorrent 3.3.2 hope this helped