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  1. thank you very much, Virtual_ManPL - good to know its a known bug.
  2. none forced. when i tested only one torrent was present in the list. As said the scheduler stopped the torrent when requested, but when the time came for it to enter the 'limited' time period it just started as if no limit was set.
  3. then nope, not there. On and off periods work fine, havent tested seed. Limit period is not working, at least for upload
  4. not that i saw, no - where should this L: be located? edit: it seems like download is being limited, but upload isnt.
  5. latest build has issues with speed limiting. (16546) I've got a scheduler set up as below However, its being ignored and the upload speed maxes out my connection (current time is 10PM Tuesday, so it should be within the limit period) I had to manually limit the torrent to get it to slow down (which it did)
  6. fowl: I didnt have utorrent running when i updated. The installer comes up, click next... then 1.8.3 starts.
  7. ok, random problem. Running win 7 RC1 x64, and utorrent 1.8.3 - running the installer to update to this version utorrent-1.9-alpha-15380.upx.exe) seems to do nothing - it stays as version 1.8.3
  8. just so that you know, every time an auto update prompt appears it still mentions the original fix of this build, that being the nod32/HTTP 400 workaround.
  9. alus: nevermind, vista managed to fix it. Oddly enough, ages ago i disabled vistas automatic TCP tweaking function beleiving it would help speeds - i did a vista 'repair' on the network, it told me that setting needed to be re-enabled... and what do you know, utorrent works now.
  10. Since my client auto updated to this version (build 12083) ihave not been able to connect to any trackers. Using Vista x64 with kaspersky internet security 2009 - windows firewall and KIS firewall are disabled. I'll be rolling back to 1.8.0 for now, just thought i'd report the problem.