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  1. I think development should stop for 32bit because it behind the times now. Java, Flash, Browsers, And the OS is all 64bit or will soon be. The CPU are also 64bit. I would want the bugs and feature of the 64bit version to be stable. I dont want to be looking at 32bit programs anymore for my PC. Most if not all computers have more then 4gigs of ram which is plenty of space for 64bit. Be great for home servers and we are getting faster connections. What are the benefits of 64bit other then cache? Just think should be spending are time getting ready for the future then focusing on the past, what is already stable. Dont add new features to a dying format.
  2. with utorrent 2.0.2 i still get no response and it stays frozen for awhile before you can use it. I was wondering if this will eventually be fix. I am not sure why this program hesitates to open or function sometimes. i just give it time and eventually it comes back to life. I think simple is best as not everybody wants to be advance user they just expect things to work. i see a lot of people messing things up then posting it say it is not working lol. simple efficient quality product is all i need.
  3. What does "Release Candidate 1" mean? If i download this would i have 2 utorrents?Is it not the official utorrent? I feel this is a easy question or i should know it already but i just thought i should ask. Maybe someone else is thinking the same thing.