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  1. Yep, crashes on startup here too - and was unable to generate a crash dump. Oddly, the version it automatically downloaded was telling me that it was unable to allocate memory. The version I just manually downloaded from this topic simply crashes. Tested on Windows 7 x64 (with plenty of available memory, incidentally). Edit: read back a bit more, and I see you're on top of it already. Hope you can push out a fix soon.
  2. It's a bitfield, that means you have to add them. So to get TCP only you use 1 + 4 = 5, to get uTP only you use 8 + 2 = 10, et cetera. 255 just happens to include all of them - if you used 254, you wouldn't get outgoing TCP.
  3. Aah, I see. Testing with it set to 5 right now for the sake of my sanity - my router really seems to hate UDP traffic..
  4. 13 = 1101b, so what does that turn off?
  5. Yes, it is normally limited to 180KiB/s.. I set it to automatic and it went to 40KiB/s, which is much too low - and yet I can't do -anything- with my internet anymore while it's running. This actually happens even if I turn µTP off, (or it did in the first build I tried.. I'm a bit hesitant to do more testing unless required) so the problem is very strange.
  6. Unfortunately the new build still kills my internet connection. I didn't see anything specifically related to this in the changelog, but above comments had made me hopeful. Back to 1.8.1 again..
  7. Great, thanks for answering and I look forward to testing the next version.
  8. Just tried the latest alpha (13582) and it still takes complete control of my internet connection. No browsing, no chatting, nothing gets through until about 5 seconds after I close it. I've already submitted a log for a previous alpha, though I don't know if it's still valid. Any word on this?
  9. Doesn't look like anything was fixed regarding the issue I posted about (µTorrent taking over my entire connection); should I test again?
  10. Here you go. I hope this isn't too big, it took a while for a pattern to emerge. Upload speeds fluctuated between ~75kiB/s and ~105kiB/s - normally I can easily do 175kiB/s. As before, browsing the web became impossible only a few minutes after starting µTorrent. By the way after closing µTorrent, explorer.exe was using about 125MiB and maxing out a core. I kept an eye on it and watched as it slowly (very slowly) returned to ~40MiB before CPU utilisation finally dropped. This took perhaps 30 minutes, during which the system slowed to a crawl.
  11. I've tried build 13485 but it seems to take complete control of my connection after a few minutes, making me unable to browse the web even from my laptop (both are connected to the same router). This seems to happen regardless of what I set bt.transp_disposition to (I've tried 255 and 5). µTorrent continues to function on both machines, however. (my laptop was using 1.8.1 at the time) This problem did not exist in 1.8.1. Should I try build 13520? This is not a problem I've seen mentioned here, so I'm not sure if it would help. (Also I'd rather not try 1.9 again until this problem is fixed, as I'm heavily reliant on having internet access - but if you think it'll help I'll take one for the team)
  12. I'm using that too, albeit on Vista x64, and µTorrent is behaving fine.