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  1. I find the web login absolutely brilliant for streaming. How ever I do not like the limited player it has. It only supports small window or zoomed in which isn't centered either. What about full screen? Also when zoomed in I dont see any controls anymore. It should also let you specify maybe VLC.exe to be run instead of vlc Mozilla plugin if its so limited. I have also some problems with login. Most of the time it tells me username doesn't exist and I have to fully close and open the browser, google chrome in my example. If any developer needs access to my web interface, pm me.
  2. well as i said I tried most of the torrents from mininova, movie>documentary> ww2 and just a single one was stremable at about 60%. All others werent until finished and all have a part size of 128kb.
  3. Tried steal this film 1. Not stremable until finished and the average download was 430kB/s. Or maybe .mov is just not sremable? Chunk size was 256kb. The parts seemed to download all over the place very balanced. So It didnt look like it downloaded the frist parts first at all.
  4. Yes just downloaded the latest. HAd 0.8 before. Latest seems to pickup when stopped. It would be good to get a torrent together then, with different chunk sizes. Some movie that is free and legit so we could test this out better. Most of the torrents from P.......S, Bt.....e dont really work good and the other private fast trackers rar every shit. EDIT: just tried the mininova torrents. They are supposed to be legit and free nowdays right? Most of them have a chunk size of 128kb. Not one is able to stream for me and most are at 90% already. Are mininova torrents legit to be posted here? If yes I could pick one documentary movies of lets say 800+MB in size. Make different part chunks and try to host stream it.
  5. So the uploaders or torrent creators will have to pack there torrents with as less pices and as bigger chuncks as possible if we wanna have a chance this working one day? Divx webplayer has an ugly picture for me. VLC, HMPC doesnt work with buffering. Any other suggested player here?
  6. I just clicked the some high seeded torrents like you get witch recently released TVshow 10k+ seeds shown in TPB count. Streaming there works really great. Other then for that It should be pretty useless I figured. It does help when you extend the number of incoming connections above the recommended settings. I mean to the settings it wouldn't be recommended for downloading any more but is very well for finding the missing or rare chunks. Here is where I could see torrent putting stones on its own road. Anyway. Even a good speed which I'm usually getting when downloading, doesn't guarantee the streaming if you just cant get the missing chunks. So you either remove the streaming feature or change the torrent philosophy. I don't see both working together very well.. Because right now it only works good with torrents that reach into 1k seeds. Will test with various torrents from 100+ seeds but its hard to find appropriate seeding numbers. What players do support buffering and continuous playing when interrupted. VLC doesn't seem to support. Divx web player does but its picture quality is poor at best compared to VLC and openGL output.
  7. of course I mean. what about the poeple who have connections like 25Mbit/1Mbit. If you see that when I upload at full 20Mbit I get some wired download of 90kB/s at the same time in NetLimiter, probably more with overhead. When someone downloads at 25Mbit they probably cant upload anymore. Or maybe they cant even reach there full download potential anymore either. What will this mean of torrent community when there full upload is taken just to handle the uTP requests?
  8. Well. Yes, when both are unthrottled uTP is betterm but I still wouldnt want to watch it that way. So you could say its still pretty useless. But when it comes to throttling, TCP is better then uTP.
  9. no limits. It just means its enabled like working and logging the statistics. For something to be limitted, it had to have the checkbox checked next to the service.
  10. Well. Dunno how else you would call this. compared to TCP only
  11. I dont even know if netlimiter shows overhead or not. The thing that I'm wondering about is that nelimiter shows way more download with uTP then it does with TCP only. I understood that uTP will help us not reduce our speeds. Then the ping times. I'm getting worse pingtimes with uTP. Shouldnt it be the other way around also?
  12. No good is that. I used Jing. There is a link at end of each movie. Click on it. Now look at that. Is good or? Now check this out? some wired download is going on in Netlimiter and ping is jumpy. So bad ping is cause by uTP. I think this should reduce it not increase. Doomsday scenario is that uTP will be an online gaming and VOIP/TV killer.
  13. I think this shows the one torrent poor upload problem better then 100 pictures