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  1. Hello Please give some help or advise. PC, Windows 7 (freshly installed), newest version of uTorrent. Creating torren that contains of 20 MKV files (total - 33 Gb), created without any issue, passing torrent-file to those who needs. On few different other computers (also laptops) they start downloading and: it never ends and it's downloading very very long time. DL speed is from 8 to 10 Mb/s (maximum for 100 mbit connection) BUT it's already a 4th day of downloading. In uTorrent they see "Status" like 87.8%, in a second 87.6%, in another second 87.8, 87.9, 87.7, etc. If any other information needed just tell me what to show. P.S. Files (MKVs) are not broken. I even repacked them few times in MKVToolNix just to be sure (of course everytime created new torrent file :) ). Same problem with some other folders with MKVs. It doesn't matter on what storage (HDD) files are kept. All HDDs are almost new, but if needed - I can check them (just advise how to do it properly). Internet connection on PC (source) is without any proxy, VPN, just Static IP with real 100 mbit.
  2. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    Could you please tell me how to compare hashes of torrent files?
  3. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    For I now I read all thos articles, but there no practical solutions. Bad peers (Anti p2p) - it's not about my stuation cause: source - it's me, the only one who donloads is also mine pc in other city. Corrupted files - well, they playback normally, without freezings. Anyway I reremuxed them throug MKVToolNIX few times. So, no more solutions or ideas I gues.. (((
  4. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    Any advice how ti resolve it, please?
  5. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    Wasted: 273 Gb (34967 hashfails) on the PC with downloading. 0 hashfails on PC source (mine PC with upliading)