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  1. I'm facing issues with slow Internet speed on my windows 7 pc after ugrading to latest version of utorrent. I went to speedtest and shows 1.45mb downspeed and 0.76 mps upload speed!!! (this is with latest version installed) I tried getting an older version installed and uninstalled the latest version thinking this might solve my issue but did not. So I decided to check my laptop pc running window 7 to see if this pc that does not have utorrent on it is slow or not and went to do speedtest Result for the laptop not running utorrent were: 15.83mbps downspeed and 5.61 Mbps upload speed. Can some please let me know why all of a sudden after I went for upgrade I'm facing this issue I've been using utorrent for 7 years upgrading all the time until two days ago after this upgrade now I'm facing this issue. I have time Warner ISP living in USA california.