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  1. Uploaded the crash dump to http://www.savefile.com/files/842143
  2. After upgrading from beta 2740 to 2922 uTorrent froze about one minute after start. I had to kill it with task manager. This is my first crash for more than half a year, now I have a dump file "2922-utorrent.cc81.dmp" in uTorrent folder.
  3. @drjohn: I see the same issue at one single torrent in my list. Every time I start uTorrent it's "completed on" is changed to current time. The only difference between this affected torrent and the others is the fact that i have skipped some files in this torrent only. Perhaps uTorrent starts a new completion for this torrent with skipped files.
  4. @jand: yes me, see here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=23834
  5. causes crazy jumping if you have two ore more tracker for a torrent and one is not working. Should be improved to show i.e. constantly "working" if you have at least one working tracker. Another issue: Most size related columns are right aligned now but "Size" still isn't. And as already mentioned, showing bandwith prio and graphical progress is great, Thx! Sumi Vano
  6. I also get a plenty of hash fails with 427 and I never used 426 (switched from 425 to 427). I can't tell if this happened before because I never looked until I read this here. And I have a current ipfilter.dat installed. SumiVano
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