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  1. He's making a few feature requests. All of which are on the todo list.
  2. Open Activity Monitor and hit the Sample button.
  3. Are you doing anything else that is CPU or HDD-heavy? If so, µT may be throttling itself on purpose, to prevent everything else from slowing down. I'm not sure if this change made it into the new build or not though.
  4. It shouldn't be an option yet. Probably used for testing.
  5. Is a harmless message. Well, it'll leak memory, but it won't cause µTorrent to crash.
  6. Closing this thread since it has to do with (which we're not going to support anymore). If it still happens with 0.9.2 alphas, and you've tried limiting connections/download/upload speeds, please create a new thread.
  7. I'm not going to acknowledge something that I can't reproduce and that I haven't heard any details on. However, note: I'm not a developer of µTorrent. So whether I think there is a bug here or not is irrelevant, I'm not the one that you have to convince. And you should use the latest version because that is the only one that we provide support for.
  8. From to Or from 0.9.2 back somewhere else? Either way, you should use the latest version: we don't really support old versions.
  9. Given this issue is about, and is out, I'm going to close this thread. If it still happens with, create a new thread please.
  10. Can both of you post your system specs? Apple -> About this Mac -> More info. Copy/paste the initial page and everything on the Network tab if you don't mind.
  11. @iammachine: Hrm. Can I assume your upload and download are also limited + you've adjusted them? What's your ISP? @jewelisheaven: Thank you for what is possibly the most pointless post i've seen you make yet. If you don't have anything useful to contribute beyond rehashing the same "its buggy" statement in a different manner, kindly don't talk.
  12. Limit the # of connections uTorrent is making. This isn't a problem with and can happen with any torrent client.
  13. Can you try setting rate limits and see if that stops the 100% problem from happening? And the problem with pplogger is that its useless. But if you insist on using it, i guess its worth noting problems.
  14. For those of you who have the 100% cpu bug, do you have any upload/download max limits set? @dep: First: The torrents are saved by uTorrent. Look in ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent. Second: What doesn't function as reported? It sounds like you have a different issue then this thread is discussing. Try making a new one or finding the proper thread before complaining and/or asking for help.
  15. As has been said many times, we don't support older versions of uTorrent. Thats why it was deleted.
  16. Take a sample before you clear out your settings. Open Activity Monitor, select uTorrent and hit 'Sample' in the bar on the top. Then pastebin the sample and paste the link to it here. Without the sample, its much harder for the devs to fix the bugs; the sample shows what uTorrent is having the cpu do. /edit: merged two threads about the same issue for clarity when browsing / finding issues.
  17. Problem was caused by 0.9.1 which was pulled. No need to have this thread open anymore.
  18. Blank icons is a different bug. And post crash reports if you want it fixed. Saying it happens != helpful.
  19. We don't really support downgrading or provide links to older versions to download. That being said, look in your Trash for the old version. Sparkle doesn't delete it right away.
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