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  1. Alright, here's few problems I'm now having with all uTorrent versions. Also, when i go to Options -> Directories , and press on any of those "..." (in order for that explorer window to pop-up) utorrent crashes (instantly closes). EDIT: Just tried it, and it also crashes when I'm trying to add new torrent.
  2. alright... now i totally fucked up my registries with this damned beta -.- i can't normally uninstall or install it / run it / or upload at a descent speed. and also, i can't even use the older version of it.
  3. Using this newest build, and it works perfect on windows XP x64 SP3. Seeding 2 files at pretty much normal speed, mem usage is only 2.5MB, everything's like it should be (although yesterday i had this weird problem, i was seeding the same 2 files I'm now (there were around 300total leechers) and the speed could only reach like 5KB/s . but never mind that, it's all fixed now). Thanks for this release keep up the good work ^^