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  1. Great, but there's still the issue with the download speed menu not opening on the first click, which was introduced in 19343.
  2. Well, to be honest, its looks absolutely hideous O_O. So cluttered, color toolbar icons (is it 2003 again?) and progress bar colors/stroke look terrible. The older appearance is very clean and simple - thats why I like it. Edit: I though I'd add on the functionality Good that it can show the speed graph and additional info in the general tab, I like the average speed meter. Some interface glitches though: the speed graph overlapped with the buttons (tabs?) no matter how I resize the window, can't scroll in the general tab, so to see the whole info sheet I have to make the whole field visible. Crashed the moment I went into Peers tab.
  3. 100% CPU problem too. Happens randomly, sometimes after launch, sometimes after a few minutes of use. MacBook Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, Leopard 10.5.6. Here's the sample:
  4. I have this problem as well. In the first 3 days after I upgraded to 0.9.1 the light was yellow, now its red all the time. Torrents work though, download/seed with no issues I have 128kbit/sec connection.