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  1. @tonnackscool Sent to your email the new build. Do you use router? I was having some problems with the red icon, but found a way to make it work. @hanschke Need a mail address to send you the new build.
  2. @Neronut Sent you a mail @rafi do you want the new build??
  3. @DougalDragon Your email dont show on your profile. Need a mail to send the link.
  4. @siles1991 Just sent you the link by mail.
  5. I was having this problem and Greg Hazel sent me a build that don't have the cpu bug. I don't know if its ok to post it here, so please ask him. (It was something about hairpin on routers, i think)
  6. @cameron.says.hey "I have also noticed a new problem, and this could jus be an error in win7 b7k, but every new torrent that I try to add (when µTorrent.exe is running or when it is not running) I am reported with an error stating that µTorrent is running and not responding." I was having this problem with firefox on W7, and found that its caused when you make a partition with a third-party tool (partition magic or something else) instead of making it inside windows install. To make sure do a chkdsk scan, if it says no problem you are good to go, otherwise you gonna need to reformat and install W7 again, this time formatting by botting a dvd or a pendrive.
  7. What works for me is to delete settings and open utorrent so it goes like a clean install... You have to reconfigure all your torrents and it doesn't work always. It's best if you wait till the next version, which will be fixed.
  8. Uploading crashdump now... 74MB, is it supposed to be that big? One thing I noticed that may help is utorrent don't show this bug if there are no torrents active when you open it, don't know if happens when a torrent is started after... Here you go: www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=acd7982c8e178c5fd2db6fb9a8902bda The file is zipped... so its small I tested opening with no active torrents and AFTER opening starting a torrent, result: bug.
  9. I'm using build 13910 and seeing the 100% CPU bug. It was installed over build 1.8.1. When I made a clean install it worked, no cpu spike. Strangely after quitting and reopening (my router crashed) the bug came once again. I deleted settings.dat and the other stuff so it was like a clean install again, and worked again. There is something going on, like, something triggers this bug, not every install, no idea what is that. Don't know if it help but when the bug occur the speed meter goes to 1.5 or 2Mb (my connection is 500k/200k). (calc_overhead = on)