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  1. Hey buddy i really need some help! I don't know if you're familiar with VPN connections but i cant seem to be able to download a single torrent! its gets stuck at finding peers. But as soon as I disconnect from my VPN it immediately finds peers and begins to download. what am i doing wrong?? My VPN works surfing the web and stuff 

    1. mcaspi


      Sorry but I'm not familiar with utorrent and VPN. Just post your issue in the forum.

  2. Seeding a torrent to a few peers. When Availability in Info tab reaches 1.99 it then jumps to something like 2.4. Doesn't look like it is supposed to be this way.
  3. Those files are exactly the same size (73 kilobytes). Normal uT behavior.
  4. DWK, a lot of car accidents stem from drivers stupidity. That's why car manufacturers install air-bags, seat belts, ABS's etc. And it's not always user stupidity because in many cases, the trackers are already in the torrents. Designers have to design stable products for everyone (including drivers, pedestrians, users, trackers) and I don't see a reason to blame the users.
  5. You don't need a download link. Just allow uT to update to Beta versions.
  6. "and huge delay value on the Y axis" Don't think it's a bug. It looks like the real delay that uT is measuring. I also see this sometimes.
  7. Run older versions on these computers.
  8. As far as I know XP is also not supported.
  9. 98. Believe me that I check max Y values. Good question!!!
  10. Don't see any reason to post an obvious image. Stop all your torrents, view the uTP graph. This is what I see when uploading very slowly to some peers.
  11. Delay is a straight line at 0 ms even though I'm uploading (very slow). Not in the negative territory like your post and never saw something like this.
  12. "- Fix: Fix uTP delay graph" Still don't see some peer's delay graph (graph shows 0 ms). Usually I upload to them at speeds <1kB/s.
  13. GUI bug. Default browser: Chrome. 1. Click Apps. 2. Write some text to search. 3. Search results appear in a new Chrome window. 4. The whole Apps info is blanked.