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  1. Thanks torres really needed it ^^
  2. Theres a build that fixes the CPU bug O.O. Well i reinstalled my 1.9 and its working now without 100% CPU but i`m sure it will happen again like a few days ago so would someone give me a fix?
  3. I already disabled all my firewalls no difference.I`m using the windows firewall with my XP but I always have it disabled.
  4. Can anyone help me i`m getting 100% CPU usage when using 1.9 alpha.It happened last time so i reinstalled 1.8 then i decided to use 1.9 because i know i got better speeds with 1.9 it worked for a few weeks then suddenly the 100% CPU usage came back yesterday any advice or what to do? Note:It only reaches 100% CPU usage when using bt.transp_disposition 255 and 10.Seems like it lags when im using uTP connections.Though i think uTP connections actually the source of my previous fast speeds any advice?I want to use uTP.