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  1. Hi guys, since a couple of days, my Download speed keeps crashing to zero every couple of minutes and at times remains 0 for a long time, see screenshot. I cannot explain why, I haven't changed any settings in uTorrent or with my router or connection. Also, it doesn't depend on the torrents I'm leeching (there's enough seeds) and as you can see, Upload speed is hardly affected. Basically I can't download anything anymore. Has anyone had the same or knows a solution? It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey there, it is working now. Maybe they fixed it? What I did but had not helped fixing it fully (it lead to clickick BitTorrent Speed opened up a window in browser which was invalid) but did and maybe helped and you could try:
  3. Hello everyone, I've been using μTorrent - leeching and seeding a lot - for a couple of years and just recently learned about BTT and its standard integration in my μTorrent client. So now I wanted to 'use' it and earn something for keeping my torrents seeding for years. However, I fail to access BitTorrent Speed in my μTorrent client, I get a "Can't acess helper UI - try again later" error (see Screenshot). When I click Ok, my mouse shows something is loading for 2-3 seconds... but then nothing happens. I tried the same on my utorrent client on my laptop (that I hardly ever use) and there, after this error message, I am redirected to this website (, the xxxxx are numbers) and I see a (meager) BTT balance. However, on my standard comupter I never reach this and neither can I access the mentioned website I get on my laptop from my standard computer. Does any1 have any help how I could access my BitTorrent Speed / BTT? I would be most thankful! Best, Chris