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  1. v3.3.0.29625 force recheck stalted at 10% it`s not 0, alright! fix another 90%.
  2. disk overload issue v3.3 stable (build 29333), win7 x64
  3. installer is still shit. i had v3.3.0.28910. launched (from unrelated folder c:\!distr\...). it didn`t install, it launched. why?!! but ok. kill process, replace .exe in program files (x86)\utorrent folder, renamed accordingly - to utorrent.exe. and NOW it started INSTALL!!! win7 x64. kaspersky internet security says it`s PDM.worm.p2p.generic and i was wondering, WTF is giong on with the program... bot.net and viruses... reverting to 2.2.1
  4. yea. let`s just ignore problem (major bug, that they "fixing" for 2nd month now) and add new icon! it`s me or this is a comedy show now? are they testing program or us?
  5. ...and - disk overload again!! seriusly?
  6. installer didn`t ask, where it should be installed (but it was installed- installer windows were appearing), and launched from (...AppData\Roaming...). (win7 x64, was v3.3b28910) and it created shortcut on desktop. did i ask for that?! where`s check box for that?!
  7. i take it, there was no update for, like, past 7 days? (and still waiting for update of the first post with version and changelog) as for Q`s, that some lazy ppl been asking: 1. yes, it eat`s a lot of ram. no matter the settings. without reason. 2. yes, disk overload issues. no matter the speed or settings. 3. there are reports of install problems (did`nt occur on my pc, can`t verify) PS: YES, that pre-alpha-buggy version is called stable for now. deal with it. hopefully, they`ll fix it soon. (if you can find 28910, you can use it - works rather well for me)
  8. v29004 still disk overload issues.
  9. reverted to v28918, works fine.
  10. ok b28965 crashed while downloading big torent into RAM, due to "disk overload 100%" when there was none. so - i chose to send crash dump, but popup appeared when utorrent restats -> unable to send crash report to server: HttpSendRequest failed ok. so, after utorrent restarted, that torrent started to download again. and again - disk overload. stopped, restarted urorrent, started -> recheck 0.0% attempt to stop rendered torrent in stateless condition - all actions (start, stop, pause) - aviable, none works. ->delete torrent+data-> redownload torrent->unable to add torrent, i`ts matchin torrent, currently being deleted. restarted system. redownload torrent - after 60% gone to disk overload again. ps: closed utorrent via task manager, coz it was still in processes after closing it`s window (for more than 2 minutes). pps: probably irrelevant, but: win7x64, 8gb ram, 3tb HDD, torrent file was created by utorrent v3.0.0(?) ppps: torrentlist was rearrenged after restart. again.
  11. hidden text ? interactive? meaning ? 1 when text too long to fit in column width, a popup, ahowing full text of a field under cursor (was in v2.2) 2 when there`s a lot of files in torrent it`s a pain to navigate there - so: a buttons to fold\unfold subdirectories under files tab.
  12. o_O O_O ... it works!!! sooo...as far as i remember only 2 things left to do - reenable popups showing partially hidden text and interactive folder structure under "files" tab. ps: ye-yea, i`m lamo, i know... :/
  13. are you implying, that i should delete existing torrents and re add them, instread of moving them? i would be totally happy with switch in advanced, that would cause simple adress field opening on "set downloaded location" and no explorer window. just make entered adress final, do not modify it. otherwise it`s kind a weird - "ask for path, and modify answer, as you see fit".
  14. and when relocation system would be fixed? (torrent name SHOUD NOT be added to a files location path). (yes, i`m still on that)
  15. files filter issue? (torrent name filter\search) rus letters, filter: "три" doesn`t filter "Три", but "Три" does. (it`s case senstive, but it shouldn`t be)