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  1. I am running WIN7 64bit Professional. Somme additional information (could be relevant) After running µTorrent for about 100 hours, there seems to be an increasing number of connection (attempts?) getting stocked. I end up having 7 half open connections and 7 TCP connecting. Normally I would have less than 3. The result is slowing down the upload speed because no new peers can connect. It looks a bit like the https thing (- Accounting of half open https connections would cause uT to stop making new connections) is not completely fixed or maybe something of the similar is happening to http connections too?
  2. Yes, I am also having this problem. I have to make the "https" to a "http" in the tracker url. Luckily the private tracker I am using is still supporting this. Actually I started using µTorrent again because I read in the change log that this issue was fixed. - Fix: Accounting of halfopen https connections would cause uT to stop making new connections - More strict https connection state management for halfopen accounting. But apparently there are still some issues to be dealt with.
  3. Sorry, it WAS the tracker tab I meant. Yes the private Torrent is OK, DHT not allowed, Local peer exchange not allowed, peer exchange not allowed.
  4. It is "properly made". At least, that is what it looks like in "General tab".
  5. That answer doesn't make much sense, really! When many of the peers, who are in my list, came through "peer-exchange" and peer-exchange on this Torrent is not allowed, surely it is a µTorrent issue? Those peers should never have come in to my queue in the first place. PS. I have just tried to change my default setting, so µTorrent doesn't allow peer-exchange at all. Now the filtering works. My conclusion is, that µTorrent doesn't work 100% correct regarding Torrent privacy..
  6. And now for something completely different.... I am running µTorrent version 15772 and have reason to believe, that µTorrent not always respects (and obeys) the privacy flags. I am currently seeding a file from a private tracker, where DHT, "Local peer Discovery" and "Peer exchange" are not allowed. Even so I see clients with "x" marking and using torrent clients, that are banned on this tracker. Also the number of leechers reported by tracker is (very) different from the number I am getting. Is this a µTorrent bug or some people, who have found the torrent by some hacking or similar tricks?
  7. Thanks for having fixed the firewall issue in Vista. Something has gone wrong with the scheduler function, though. I am only able to select "full speed" and "Turn off" at least from at visual point of view.(not "Limited" or "Seeding only"). As far as I can see, the 2 other options work in an exiting setup but I am not able to make/change the settings in the graphics. Regards