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  1. uTorrent still is the best client out there. Well, 3.2 is. 3.3 is just plain broken. Yes, I've got a serious amount of torrents running, yes they're on a 100Mbps connection, no it's not running on or downloading to an SSD. This is NOT the issue. On 3.2.3: disk overload issues don't occur. At all. Unless it's been running at max speed for >3 hours, which is extremely unusual and when it stops the overload very quickly clears. On 3.3: <Instant> disk overload on startup. No matter what download/upload speed is actually being attained. After 8 hours, the overload <never> cleared. This is on completely unchanged settings that have worked for me for about a year now. The following are probably results of the constant disk overload: -Graceful shutdown never happens. -Torrent list won't update when clicking on a different list (i.e. a label or switching from "seeding" to "downloading" tabs) -Torrents won't ever recheck. -Tracker updates take ages. Why do I not wait with updating for a month after release? I should've known better. Re-re-revert. EDIT: reverted. Upload immediately speeds up to 8mbps. Force-rechecking takes a few seconds per torrent (@ 500MB size). No disk overload (no 20k DHT nodes like in 3.3 either, crazy scary number). Well, at least 3.2.3 works consistently great for me.
  2. Thanks a bundle. Most people come here to complain about stuff not working (and rightly so if such is the case) but overall I for one really appreciate how well our feedback is listened to. For one thing you gave the impression of not understanding why people would almost hate the new icons, but still you've made us a skin of the old ones. This and other experiences really make me feel we as end users get our feedback noticed and used in the most direct and swift way in the cases you guys deem it right, also in less trivial cases. Such customer service is rare but well appreciated. Not saying all is perfect (one can't expect that from a beta build).
  3. That's because you do NOT have the Bitguard AV app installed. And you don't need to when you already have AV software. The warning is nonsense. You can disable the warning if it annoys/confuses you.
  4. Thanks for the in-depth answers Firon, even if some stuff I said apparently didn't make too much sense.
  5. I know it's all been said here before but the more people agree on this, the earlier devs can see how many people are unhappy with this release. I automatically went from 2.0.3 to 2.2 (this was supposed to happen?), and what an eye-sore. The icons are terribly confusing for someone who's used to blue meaning what it meant for years. I have to do double-takes all the time because downloads look like uploads and the rest is all green (also, hella ugly, but that's not that important). Expandable side menus -> what for? I have all this white space in the side bar, yet I still have to click multiple times before I have the old overview back. Completely unnecessary and very annoying. I understand the lack of alphabetical sorting was a small error, but it's not yet fixed in the new build. I don't use feeds, and I don't use apps -> time to make those parts of the side panels easily removable. The AV, well, it installs for me but won't work and won't update, it is not customizable in any sense . And then there is the icon! I'm used to this nonsense from proper AV programs, but not from usually inobtrusive uTorrent! What a sell-out, and what a nonsense, my current AV does what it's supposed to do and this is a major turn-off. Can this not be disabled? The possibility of Apps is great, improving modability by letting users install what they want to, stuff the general user doesn't need but still having the option to do so without making the client bloated for everyone. I love this system with browsers, games and whatnot. I will definitely use the new web options to manage my seedbox here when it's in a stable release. But the implementation is horrible, no option to disable the section and even constant urging to install a useless, worthless app! The streaming part actually works for me, but I could do that in other clients, which I don't use, because I prefer nonbloatedness. The best outcome would be: old icons back (was there anything wrong with them? Or you know, customizability), no expandable sidemenus (or by default expanded when amount of labels/feeds <20), option to disable find content, app and rss sections easily, no bitguard warnings, making streaming optional by creating separate clients (a bloated one and a lightweight one) or making it some sort of app/plugin. The main sell points for uTorrent are lightness together with customizability and uTP. Let's not ruin the first two points, because another client will take its place.