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  1. the problem with deleting app data and ini files is you loose all the customised settings and columns you like ticked on.. as the defaults always sucked plus skins and themes used.. you shouldnt have to delete stuff to get an update to work it shoudl backup and insert or remove values it dont like for you perhaps they need to write a app data cleaner without causing a big impact on the setup you like
  2. Detail Info and peers etc work fine for me on the 29594 build however if i click stop torrent.. normally in 2,2.1 and older builds I could then click start torrent again but it looses focus then I search for the torrent and click on it and the tool bar wont light up for play and stop etc so I have to right click and say start some weird lag or bug there. how come things that worked no longer work its very odd.. surely each build is not rewritting the whole tool bars and columns all the time?
  3. not sure if its a bug but the play and stop buttons seem to have some lag on them for 2013-04-24: Version 3.3.1 (build 29594) perhaps I need to reboot laptop after upgrading
  4. thanks for fixing the create torrent dialogue another problem I noticed although I not test latest was when you right click and say remove torrent and the data when it deletes and highlights the next torrent it dont show the correct stats peers etc in the panel and have to click to another torrent and back again before it shows
  5. BUG,, no CLOSE button for create torrent window dialogue box was there on the last beta build however it also to big vertically !.. doesnt fit on my HP probook monitor without moving it -24 pixels as my monitor doesnt do over 768' also I have font set to 125dpi due to bad eyes I dont think it allows for that for now im using actual windows to force control of the window please make the window bigger side ways or have min handles V to hide pasts of the form thats not really needed like trackers
  6. Not sure if anyone has picked up these bugs 1) If torrent runs out of space.. it gives error but it dont auto stop and turn red like it used too.. instead stays green as downloading 2) The available column values either seems to be wrong value or set to zero or 1 only regardless if you have peers and seeders or seeders like 24 etc (on the main download panel if add the column (AVAILABILITY) 3) Tracker status on main download panel always shows updating 4) I downloaded latest build but says prev build number on exe itself not build 25760
  7. Is anyone experiencing memory leaks with this release.. since 204 Im having to reboot XP daily but 202 could run without a issue. Im not hundred percent sure its utorrent or another app or nod or nortons doing it, but maybe others have the same problem. general issues is pulldowns wont work and sometimes out of resources happens despite i have tried forcing a increase in the reg tweak
  8. downed the latest build still the add torrent window doesnt pop up which is annoying..tried renaming settings.dat but didnt work. in fact if running 2 instances really makes a mess of things. since it goes looking for settings else where not the install folder for the instance how hard can this be to fix this .theres been 2 updates since the bug was reported... last time gui stuffed up was with the columns not working.. dropped out.
  9. yes there is a bug when adding torrents.. if I tick option to show files in torrent when adding a new torrent the window to select certain files never shows now :/
  10. bandwidth limit and individual torrent upload limited works fine for me.. but need to tick limit uTP thanks for the info.. I was about to roll back until I read that post not found any problems yet myself. but I did just rename it to utorrent.exe and placed over top of existing on directly in programs folder its installed. (XP 32bit)
  11. note sure if this is the place to report bug? got latest 1.8.3 beta.. dont know if others experiencing the same but the upload speed has gone crazy.. limiting it dont seem to work.. well if set it to 8kb/s it seems to go like 2kb/s if I set it to zero unlimited seems to work again but after while can drop off the same.. tried restarting does the same. didnt have this with 1.8.2 just thought I let you know just incase