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  1. 3.3.1 build -> 29938 TRAY ICON STILL BUGGIN AND NOT VISIBLE ON XP SP3.............
  2. A Big problems with all active torrent and tracker!! After some time it's active i seen and i noticed all torrent goes offline and the tracker information say: Unrecognized Host ( or ad ip adreess). Please go to and login or signup!! With the laster 2.x version this "problems" it's not present.......... *EDIT* My version it's 3.0 buils 25406 and the autoupdate from the last 3 or 4 version continue to NOT WORKING and continue to say "The is no new version" !! I Thinks this a critical bug.
  3. Version 25130... check for update and not find the newest version... it's a bug ?
  4. I know because now this 2.2.1 it's no present on auto-update ?? It's still bugged again.......... i stay on this 2.2 for now...........
  5. Because my version 2.2 build 24402 not found any new version when i try to check ad upgrade ?!?!? After this version it's out 3 other version.. 2 build up and this 2.2.1 version.... this is a bug ?